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Three Home Improvements that Deliver Great Value

by Four Sales on April 24, 2015

shutterstock_145024390When a remodeling frenzy hits a town, neighborhood or even a circle of friends, kitchens and bathrooms are often the targets. However, smart homeowners refuse to make a quick decision. They consider the lifetime benefits of any project, including the added convenience, pleasure, comfort and aesthetics as well as the increased value.These three diverse home improvements deliver those benefits in varying combinations. You’re certain to find a project that will ideally suit the needs of your family.

Entrance Upgrade

The home entryway is a frequently overlooked area when it comes to design and decor. Upgrading the entrance of your home is a fairly inexpensive way to turn a basic entryway into a luxurious foyer.

Upgrade your front door by switching out a solid panel door for a door with glass panes. This can be accomplished in one afternoon, and it’s the ideal project for a local handyman or a moderately experienced DIYer. If you have the desire to do more, you can enlarge the opening and install a door with side windows, though this may require an expert’s help.

Once your new door is in place, and light fills your entryway, you’ll be inspired to redecorate the area. This simple project delivers improved aesthetics and curb appeal every day. Plus, it helps your home show better if you decide to sell.

New Roof

A quality roof is another attribute buyers look for. When comparing two similar homes, many home buyers look for practical upgrades that not only enhance the appearance of a home but speak to the quality of a homes’ structural integrity. A solid roof on your home is a timeless improvement; however, there are a number of considerations and features when upgrading a roof that are unfamiliar to many homeowners.

For example, not all shingles are created equal. Some have fairly low life expectancies, while others come with lifetime warranties and include installation upgrades. Search for options like Lifetime Shingles from Champion Home Exteriors that provide improved attic ventilation and make a tremendous difference your home.

This type of quality roof will also prevent water damage and help keep attic temperatures down during the hot months, lowering utility bills and protecting the valuables and collectibles stored in your attic.

Attic Remodel

Now that we’re up in the attic let’s stay there to make our last home improvement. According to Houselogic.com, carving a room out of your attic is one of the smartest projects you can undertake. It lasts a lifetime and will never go out of style. We typically think of establishing another bedroom in a converted attic, and this can be one of the best uses for the space. If it’s big enough, it can even become a new master suite.However, some slightly less ambitious goals are also ideal for an attic conversion. If you need a good home office or would like to establish a home gym, your converted attic space would be perfect.

We won’t say that you shouldn’t consider a kitchen or bath remodel for your next home improvement project, but make sure these three projects are on your list when it’s decision time.



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