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Ford Mustang Turns 50!

by Four Sales on April 16, 2014

toy-car-mustang-ford-redThe Ford Mustang turns 50 this month. While the first Mustang rolled off the Ford assembly line in March 1964, it wasn’t introduced to the public until April 17, 1964, at the New York World’s Fair. Named after a World War II fighter plane, it was the first of a new type of car called the “Pony Car,” a low style with a sleek, long hood and short trunk, designed for four people. There was nothing else like it at the time, and more than 400,000 sold the first year. Read more here…


10 things estate sales won’t tell you

March 25, 2014

The liquidation business is driven by the four d’s: downsizing, death, divorce and debt. With about 10,000 Americans turning 65 each day, boomers account for many of the downsizers. But plenty of other people can find themselves in need of help dumping property — whether they are struggling to fit recently inherited antiques into a […]

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Kudos for Mark at Four Sales!

March 21, 2014

Dear Daniel, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve encountered Mark from Four Sales on a few occasions at your sales and he is by far the most professional manager I’ve encountered at any estate sale.   He clearly articulates to the buyers how the sale is going to run, where certain items are, […]

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New Ivory Rules – Take Heed!

March 4, 2014

Obama Administration Treats Antique Collectors and Dealers as Criminals: New Ivory Rules Also Put Elephants at Increased Risk. The Obama administration is preparing to treat virtually every antique collector, dealer, and auctioneer in America — and anyone else who happens to own a piece of ivory — as a criminal. In the name of saving […]

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Four Sales Gets Down and Dirty!!

February 26, 2014

Four Sales is a well known estate sale company in the DC metro area. I have attended probably 50 of their sales. At this high end sale, the grounds were very wet due to recent snowfall. It began to rain and someone got stuck in the mud in the parking area. I was blocked in […]

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5 Essentials for Renting Out Inherited Property

February 11, 2014

You weren’t expecting to have extra property to rent out, but through unforeseen circumstances you ended up with an extra house you don’t need to live in. Instead of letting it languish unoccupied, turn your unexpected boon into a long-term income stream to help you with your own bills. The slow recovery of the housing […]

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The Book Corner

January 29, 2014

Mark, I wanted to take a minute this frosty morning to say thank you for letting me buy some books and receive other unsold books from Four Sales estate sale events! This is my book corner of the thrift shop. You can see a few holes in the shelves that need filling up. I also […]

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Helpful At An Estate Sale in Maryland

January 26, 2014

Today, I purchased a Shepard’s Rod to put hanging baskets in my yard.  Howard did an excellent job of assisting me dig the Shepard’s Rod  out of the ground and help me fit/place the Shepard’s Rod into my car.  I probably would not have purchased the Shepard’s Rod without Howard’s assistance.  A tree root had […]

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Most Outrageous Toy Cars

December 21, 2013

Not really a child’s gift at these price points! Prices range from $600 to 7.5 million dollars. See http://t.autos.msn.com/features/most-outrageous-toy-cars-1?icid=autos_4979#image=10

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What to Check When Shopping for a Used Car

December 5, 2013

You probably wouldn’t buy a decent pair of shoes before trying them on first, so apply that same careful inspection you’d give footwear to your next used car. Try a few tips from the experts on what to check out in a used car before you drive it off the lot. Take a Good Look […]

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