3 Things to Look for When Collecting Baseball Jerseys

Are you a baseball fan? Do you enjoy collecting memorabilia associated with your favorite sport? If so, you may be the type of person who enjoys adding jerseys to your collection.

If you’re new to this form of collecting, there are a few things to keep in mind as you begin your search. These three things will point you in the right direction:

·      Authentic jerseys are best. Simply put, you need to know the difference between an authentic jersey and a replica. One of the best ways is to inspect the jersey in great detail, such as by reading any tags. Also, a certificate of authenticity can go a long way in putting your mind at ease (such as if you’re buying an autographed game used jersey).

·      Condition is critical. Just the same as any other type of sports memorabilia, condition goes a long way in determining value. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t totally ignore jerseys in average or poor condition, but it will definitely have an impact on the value.

·      What makes it special? There doesn’t need to be a differentiating factor in order for you to make a purchase, but it can absolutely help. An example of this would be a game used jersey from an All-Star game or World Series. Or maybe a hall of fame player autographed the jersey. Anything that makes a jersey special/unique should give you more reason to buy.

With these tips guiding you, you’ll find it much easier to purchase baseball jerseys that fit nicely into your collection. Happy hunting, baseball fans!

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