A Very Busy, Hectic Time for the Whole Family!

Dear Mr. Sanders,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful Estate Sale that your company recently conducted for my parents in Alexandria, Virginia. 

The Estate Sale took place as my parents were preparing to move to a retirement community so it was understandably a very busy, hectic time for the whole family.  This had me concerned as I was afraid the Estate Sale would add yet more for my parents to worry about when their plates were already quite full. 

My concern was completely unnecessary however as your staff made the very complicated process of preparing for and holding the Estate Sale as easy as possible for my parents.  Your staff was incredibly supportive and professional throughout the whole process.  Your first employee showed up an hour early to explain and answer any questions about how the whole process of the Estate Sale would take place.  Then when the rest of the team showed up to start the large task of setting up for the sale, they couldn’t have been more efficient or reassuring to my parents that everything was going to progress smoothly. 

Sure enough when the Estate Sale was held the next Friday and Saturday things couldn’t have run any better than they did.  Everything was priced and ready to go and the proceeds from the sale exceeded my parents’ expectations.  Your staff’s excellence didn’t end with the sale, but continued afterwards as they took care of everything having to do with donating the portion of the unsold items that charities would accept & disposing of the others.

Again, thank you so much for your company’s wonderful handling of my parents’ Estate Sale as it took what could have been a stressful situation for them and made it instead into a very easy process.


Lee R
Arlington, VA (May 2012)

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