Can Downsizing Save You Money? You Bet

shutterstock_145024390As you know, there are many benefits of downsizing. While many people look at this as a way to reduce clutter, others have come to realize something else: it can save them a lot of money.

If the time to downsize has come, if you are finally ready to make this move, here are three ways it can save you money:

1. Save on home costs. Think about it this way: when you have less “stuff” you require less living space. Subsequently, you can save on the cost of housing.

2. Lower your utility bills. Is there anything worse than the high utility bills associated with your large home? If you are tired of this dragging you down, it is time to consider a small, more efficient property.

As noted above, you can get away with living in a smaller home when you have less stuff. When you move into a smaller property, your utility costs will decline.

3. Make money to save money. When downsizing, don’t simply throw out the stuff you no longer want or need. Instead, schedule an estate sale as a means of selling items you no longer need. The money you make can then be put to good use.

Many people think about downsizing, but never consider the fact that it can save them money. They know it will make them happier. They know it will allow them to live clutter-free. But they never look into the financial benefits.

Is now the best time for you to downsize? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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