Antiques and Collectibles Live Estate Auction (Apr 23)

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Can't miss it!! Auction to be held at WJ Carpenter (Gray) Buildings on northbound side of Rt. 29 between Brightwood and Madison. Look for the portable sign board to be in place one week prior to auction. About 4.5 miles past Prince Michel Winery on the northbound side of 29. Big sign on building for Pete's Auction Service.

Four Sales Ltd

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Terms & Conditions - Auctions:

Cash/Check/Credit 3%. Food & Facilities Provided. Not Responsible for Accidents. Announcements on sale day take precedence over any written, advertised and prior verbal announcements.


Antiques and Collectibles Live Estate Auction (Apr 23)

Saturday, April 23 starting at 9:30 am
Preview: Friday 10 am – 7 pm


Good Old Furniture, Estate Size Fountains, Bronzes and Statues & Lots More!

FURNISHINGS:  Unusual Old China Cabinet; Super Fancy Étagère’; Pie Safe; Marble top Table with Ornate Base; Marble Top Dresser; Super Nice Old Dry Sink; Chest of Drawers with Fruit Pulls; Old Bench with Storage Seat; Good Old Wooden Bin; Small Wardrobe; Old Preserves Cabinet; Oak Icebox; China Cabinet; Marble Top Dresser with Drop Pulls; Oak Dresser with Hat Box; Mid Century Modern Server; Desk with Super Veneer; Victorian Marble Top Table; Server; Primitive Open Server; Marble Top Chest of Drawers; Empire Dresser; Oak Tall Dresser; Round Oak Table & Chairs; Queen Bed; Library Table; Cannonball Bed; Open Bookcase; Marble Table with Iron Base; Corner Chair; Dresser; Bookcase; Tea Cart; Wicker Chair; Rocking Chairs; Easel; Plant Stands; Magazine Table; Lamps; Mirrors; Washstands; Oak Serpentine Front Chest; Oak Dresser with Cradle Mirror; Wooden Shelves; Post; Carved Ornamental Wooden Hanging; Shutters; Rocking Chair; Triple Shelf Table; Tobacco Basket; Patio Furniture; Paneled Doors; Benches; Hall Bench; Upholstered Chairs; Small Tables; Lots of Chairs; Garden Seats; Sconces; Doll House; Good Rugs & Runners;

SILVER & ART:  Lots of Good Art; Fish Company Sign; Stained Glass Panels; Busts; Trays; Deep-well Frames; Butter Dish; Shakers; Candlestick; Cream & Sugar; Steamship Print; Egyptian Art; Jacobean Needlework; Needlework Sayings; Fancy Etched Wall Mirror;

CHINA & GLASS:  Royal Doulton ‘Adrian” Dinnerware; Lots of Green Depression Glass; Pair of Large Lidded Oriental Jars with Foo Dog Finials; Vaseline Candlestick; Stoneware Mixing Bowls; Crocks; Vases; Figurines; Crystal; Fine China; Glass Mixing Bowls; Cake Stand; Goblets; Trays; Chip & Dip Set; Refrigerator Dish;  Windmill S&P: Forest Green Glass Pitcher; Glass Grapes; Compotes; Carnival Glass; Several Nice Wall Pockets; White House Jug; Decanter & Glasses Sets; Hand Vase;  Blue & White Pottery; Oriental Dishes; Tea Set; B&G Plates; Stemware; Set of Haviland China;

MORE:  Nice Old Quilts; Cast Iron Yard Kettle; Electric Glass Churn; Milk Can; Crocks; Coffee Grinder; Cast Iron Skillets; Granite Ware Coffee Pots; Corn Stick Pan; Lantern; Trivets; Wooden Rolling Pin; Sad Iron; Paddle; Pie Tin; Muffin Pan; Old Bottles; Copper Pitcher; Egg Basket; Cookware; Grater; Granite ware Mug & Spoon; Oil Lamps; Soap Saver; Hook; Other Old Kitchenware; Blue & White Butter Crock with Handle; Copper Kettle; Cast Iron Kettle; Baskets; Fender Speakers; Sound Board; Record Albums; Dobro; Other Speakers; Old Music Player & Trumpets; Music Boxes; Display Case of Stone Arrows; Stone Axe; Carriage Lamp; Clocks; Rug Beaters; Whisks; Rock Hammer; Binoculars;  Doll House; Old Dolls; Old Canning Jars; Marbles; Crock Water Dispenser; Jugs; Insulators; Leaded Glass Shade; Ladders; Fish Signs; Fish Models; Buoy; Seashore Décor; Toy Boats; Stained Glass Panels; Ship Model; Child’s Piano; Metal Chickens; Coins; Jewelry; Hess Truck; Hooked Rug; Linens; Huge Garden Basin on Ornate Swan Base; Satyr with Pan Flute Fountain; Mythical Goddess Planter; Estate Size Bronze Statues; Bird Baths; Fish Fountain; Hanging Bull Head; Bronze Child; Garden Planters (some already planted!);  Garden Urn; Ceramic Planters; Garden Figures; Teak Benches & Tables; Patio Furniture & Much More!


Climate-controlled Facility
Snack Bar

Auction operated by Pete’s Auction Service in conjunction with Four Sales Ltd 

Pete Elliott VAAR # 2845 


Phone & Absentee Bids Always Welcomed
Call (540) 738-2256 

Contact Four Sales for more estate sale, moving sale, live auction and appraisal service offerings: 

  • Serving Northern Virginia and DC (703-256-8300) 
  • Serving Maryland (410-200-1827 or 301-580-9542) 
  • Serving the Charlottesville (434-964-8494) 
  • Serving Central Virginia (540-604-8903) 
  • Serving  Pennsylvania  (717-209-2030)
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