HUGE Mid-Week Collectibles Live Estate Auction! (Sep 23)

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Can't miss it!! Auction to be held at WJ Carpenter (Gray) Buildings on northbound side of Rt. 29 between Brightwood and Madison. Look for the portable sign board to be in place one week prior to auction. About 4.5 miles past Prince Michel Winery on the northbound side of 29. Big sign on building for Pete's Auction Service.

Four Sales Ltd

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Terms & Conditions - Auctions:

Cash/Check/Credit 3%. Food & Facilities Provided. Not Responsible for Accidents. Announcements on sale day take precedence over any written, advertised and prior verbal announcements. No buyer's premium for in-house bidders.

HUGE Mid-Week Collectibles Live Estate Auction! (Sep 23)

Wednesday, September 23, 2020, starting at 9:30 am
Preview: Tuesday 10 am – 7 pm

COLLECTIBLES for EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!! Must be Seen to be Believed – Photos give you a taste! The Entire Building is Packed! Tremendous Opportunity for Collectors, Resellers, Flea Marketers and Everyone Else as Well A Lifetime of Collecting at Auction and WE HAVE IT ALL!!!!!!!


Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars by the thousands: in cases, still in blister packs, in trays, by the flat, hanging cases, & loose. Many with ID tags.

GI Joe: new in box, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, Duke, Stalker, US Coast Guard,

Barbie Dolls: new in box, Barbie cases, Ken

Comic books in bags: Flash Gordon, Superman, Rocketeer, Star Wars, Spiderman, Comics Revue;

Sports Cards: Football, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Albums, Magnus Sportcard holders by the super-sized tote!

Star Wars: Games, Figures, and more!

Cokes & Pepsi: collectible bottles in cartons & loose, wooden crates, model vehicles, jigsaw puzzles, signs, trays, buckets, lamp, clock and tables & tables more!

Lunch Boxes: Elvis, Peanuts, Star Wars, Popeye & Lots More

Movie Posters: Gone with the Wind, Clint Eastwood in Spanish, Casablanca, Gene Autry-Under Fiesta Stars, John Wayne-Hondo, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein, Rita Hayworth-Gilda, Buck Jones-Men without Law, Elvis in French, King Kong and More

Action Figures, never opened: Marvel Legends, Reel Monsters, Spawn, Star Wars, Mars Attacks, Dracula, Bride of Frankenstein, Forbidden Planet, Wolf Man, Star Trek, The Incredibles, Jerry Springer, Spiderman, M&M’s,

Flats & flats of toy vehicles: metal tractors; double decker buses, train cars,

Box Games: Monopoly editions, Trivial Pursuit, Score!, Chinese Checkers, Battleship, Chess sets, The Cat in the Hat Game, Win, Place & Show, Sports Games, Deluxe Scrabble, Wizard of Oz; Dukes of Hazzard, The Honeymooners Game, Wheel of Fortune, Six Million Dollar Man Game, What’s My Line?, Vintage Hangman, Jurassic Park, Dragnet, TV Game, Kojak, Aggravation, Hopalong Cassidy, Andy Griffith, Partridge Family, The A Team, McHale’s Navy, Clue, Pocahontas, TV Game, Life, and many, many more!

Gold Record displays: Elvis Presley “Return to Sender”, “Hound Dog” and more

MORE: Hess & Exxon; Planet of the Apes; Beatles; Batman; Legions of Power; Sparkling Rocket Fighter Ship in Box; Pez Dispensers; Wheaties Box; Collector Plates, Golf balls; Bobble Heads; Cooperstown Collection; Startling Lineup; NFL GameDay-1992 edition; Toy cannons; Model vehicles; John Deere; All Star Baseball; Puzzles 3-D; Tabletop Pinball; Bingo game; Jigsaw Puzzles; Snoopy Sno-Cone, Rin-Tin-Tin Paint by Number; M*A*S*H; Godzilla, Mr. T; Train Track, Accessories & Cars, Footballs,

And Even More: Keg Cooler; Fishing rods & reels; Tackle boxes; Steins; Olympics; Old magazines in bags; Military helmets; Carnival Glass egg dish; Record player; Mini-bike; Videos & DVD’s; Fine & Costume Jewelry; Military Patches, Pocket Knives, Box Lots of Great Items!


Climate-controlled Facility
Snack Bar

Auction operated by Pete’s Auction Service in conjunction with Four Sales Ltd 

Pete Elliott VAAR # 2845 


Phone & Absentee Bids Always Welcomed
Call (540) 738-2256 

Contact Four Sales for more estate sale, moving sale, live auction, and appraisal service offerings: 

  • Serving Northern Virginia and DC (703-256-8300) 
  • Serving Maryland (410-200-1827 or 301-580-9542) 
  • Serving Central Virginia (540-604-8903) 
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