Rare Vintage Buttons are Making a Comeback

Who would have thought that those little buttons you collected when you were young would be worth so much money today?

Rare vintage buttons are making a comeback in a big way, with more collectors than ever before scouring far and wide to add to their collection.

Some buttons—such as the 1920 Cox-Roosevelt political button—date back more than 100 years. Recently, this button sold for more than $35,000 at auction.

Here’s a list of some of the other high selling rare vintage buttons over the past year:

•    1952 Mickey Mantle fan club button: $23,250

•    1957 Bob Cousy button: $154

•    1915 Ty Cobb Right Field sports button=: $17,276

As you can see, sports and political buttons are among the most valuable. There were produced by a variety of companies, including:

•    Whitehead and Hoag

•    St. Louis Button Co.

•    Waterbury Button Co.

•    Cruver Mfg. Co.

If you have any old vintage buttons stored away, now’s the time to pull them out and learn more about their history. You may be surprised to find that they’re worth hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars!

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