The Estate Went Superbly!

Four Sales came to our home and gave us an appraisal of the time, effort, and cost of doing an estate sale. Upon signing a contract and after moving the items we wanted, the provider came back again and provided an updated appraisal and determined that an extra day was needed. Finally, the provider “staged” all of the items in the house for the sale to maximize value and showcase the items in the best possible light to provide us the best opportunity to have positive revenue.
The estate sale went superbly even though we were surprised at some of the items that didn’t sell. However, Four Sales did an excellent job of advertising the sale because we made a very positive revenue from the sale to cover all of our expenses and have money leftover. More importantly, Four Sales arranged for items that didn’t sell to be donated and those that could not be donated Four Sales arranged for 123 Junk to pick them up and haul them away. When we returned to the house, it was empty of all items that were not conveying to the new owners, thus facilitating the whole-house cleaning on Monday. This made our move so much easier and saved us at least two weeks worth of our time. I would definitely use them again!!

This was probably one of the most challenging sales for the company because we were conveying several items to the new owners and thus Four Sales had to work around those items and ensure the items we wanted sold, were sold.

Dos and Don’ts – Don’t assume that something won’t be sold. If it doesn’t have a “not for sale” sign, it can be sold. The biggest Dos are as follows; 1) work closely and continuously with the company and the on-site team. 2) ensure everything for sale is readily accessible. 3) Ensure items, no matter what they are, that are Not For Sale (NFS) have a big sign on them. We were surprised by some things that sold that we hadn’t intended to sell but had not marked as NFS.

Finally, Four Sales provided an itemized list of all the items that sold and the price paid thus ensuring we had full accountability.

We would hire Four Sales again.
Bruce S.~
Springfield, VA (June 2015)
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