Watch the Clock

Watches have been a staple of the fashion industry for decades, and can still make or break the perfect outfit. It can be the perfect gift for anyone or any holiday, but for Christmas when you spend the most and show the most thought, a watch could be “the” item to give.

When shopping for a watch, check the brand and the watch’s condition. Some things to check for are scratches on the lense, broken links in the chain, scratches on the bezel and does the movement work properly? Picking from men’s and women’s watches are a treat at estate sales because vintage is the new “new”, and designer watches are going back to the basics in their designs, so finding a classic styled watch could be the accessory that everyone will be talking or asking about at your next holiday gathering.

When scouting for brands look for Citizen, Bulova, Rolex, LeCoultre, or Movado. The retail prices for this class of watch ranges from $150 – $10,000, so when you have the opportunity to save some money on these exquisite finds, you need to jump on it. In the past year, we have sold many Rolex Oysters, Citizen Constellations and others. The best 2 watches of the past year are a 1950s LeCoultre “Disco Volante” in 18K yellow gold and a Rolex “Submariner” with the blue face.

Expensive watches are so popular is because they last, are very durable, and have great warrantees in the incident that something does happen. Do not look for a warranty at an estate sale because you won’t find it. You should check the specs of the watch as well; is the watch manufacturer insured, waterproof or have any special features that you should know about before purchasing?

Consult with the Four Sales staff to clarify any questions that you may have before purchasing your great find!


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