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How does sign-in (“numbers”) work on opening day?

There is a special consideration, with regards to accessing the sale, on the first day only. Because of the interest in our events on the opening day, the manager on duty will “sign in” everyone present when he or she arrives at the event site around an hour and a half before opening on the first day of the sale. This way you have the time to go for coffee or breakfast before we open. You must be present to be signed in. DOORS OPEN PROMPTLY at the time advertised on the website. Please note that Four Sales has not accepted or honored so-called “numbers” in over 2 years and as a result have created a level playing field between individuals purchasing for their own use and persons buying for resale.

Does Four Sales have lifting power available for larger purchases?

We have limited lifting help available on-site at the sale, but have a list of qualified movers for hire available, so please bring your own manpower and an appropriate vehicle to remove your purchases. Our on-site staff will help, time permitting and within their lifting abilities, if possible and at the manager’s discretion. Four Sales accepts no liability related to moving purchased articles if we do have the time and manpower available to help.

What forms of payment does Four Sales accept?

Four Sales accepts cash, checks, or credit cards as payment at our estate sales. Individual personal checks are not to exceed $2,499 but you can write more than one of them! We also offer credit card payment (Visa / MasterCard / Discover / American Express) at our on premises events.

We also accept cash, checks and credit card (convenience fee applies) payments at our auction center in Madison, VA for our live and online auctions.

How can I hear about Four Sales events?

Sign up for our mailing list.  We send out weekly advance notices of our events and periodic updates on discounting during the event.

You can also download our mobile app. Free for both iPhone and Android phone users.

What makes a good estate sale?

A “good” estate sale provides a holistic household shopping experience. It includes a mix of furniture, collectibles and household goods so that the home appears complete and intact as possible for the buying public.

How do I know if an estate sale is the right solution for my family?

Call us. A Four Sales Account Representative will be happy to meet with you for a free consultation and provide you with a solution for accomplishing your goals. We have the ability to offer on-premises solutions if the contents of a house are left largely intact, offer consignment sales options or auction consignments. No situation is the same so our solutions provide you with flexibility in meeting your objectives of minimizing costs and maximizing returns.

What if I don’t have time to get organized for an on-premise estate sale?

There is no need to stress, Four Sales will organize the contents of the house and transform it into a shopping place for customers. Four Sales handles all of the set up, pricing and sale of the goods as well as payment of sales tax to the relevant jurisdiction. At the completion of an event the home is left broom swept and clean.

How do I know I am getting a fair price for my items?

Four Sales has a team of pricing professionals that will establish the price for each item in an estate sale. The pricing is based on their knowledge of the market, comparisons to recent sales of similar items and access to a bank of online valuation databases. The prices for items may be discounted during the course of a sale. Any discounting decisions will be published on the web and list members will be notified by an email.

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