National Estate Sales Association

Four Sales Ltd is proud to be one of the founding board members of the  National Estate Sales Association (NESA).

Since 2006 when Daniel Sanders took over Four Sales Ltd, which has been in business continuously since 1972, the industry has changed dramatically. A number of factors have impacted the industry as a whole including an exponential increase in clients, customers and competitors, technology facilitated comparison shopping, decreasing prices reflecting the declining interest in collectibles, and increased volumes of furniture/household goods being sold or disposed of by Baby Boomers. These factors have led to an extremely complex working environment that requires responsible estate sale operators to provide excellent customer service managing seller expectations and simultaneously provide a top-notch retail experience for shoppers.

When Sanders was approached by another leading estate sale company about the possibility of helping form a non-profit industry association, the answer was an immediate, “Yes.” Sanders had felt for some time that an industry association was a missing resource in the evolving estate sale industry. Four Sales’ participation is motivated by the belief that what is good for individual companies is good for the industry, customers and clients. Important standards like a code of ethics, best business practices, continuing education, and access to quality services like insurance at discount rates are key factors for long-term success of the industry. It is critical to the industry as a whole that less than positive client and customer experiences are minimized. The easiest way to achieve this objective is for service providers, through self-imposed standards and continuing education associated with other quality service providers. The pro-active formation of an industry association also sets the stage, should lawmakers decide that industry regulation is necessary, for the estate sales industry to have a voice in that process. Since being approached, Four Sales has donated the time of its President and CEO, Daniel Sanders, and other resources towards the formation of the industry association.

The process of constructing NESA has been deliberate, at times arduous, and at other times exhilarating. The ten founding members worked their way through the myriad of challenges involved in starting an association. More importantly, they worked towards finding industry-wide common ground that addresses the needs of companies from across the country and with many different business models and state regulations. Daniel Sanders is proud to be a member of this team.

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