How to Buy Jewelry at an Estate Sale

jewelryEstate sales can be a treasure trove for those in search of unique and valuable jewelry. However, with the allure of potential bargains comes the risk of making uninformed purchases.
To ensure you’re buying authentic, high-quality pieces, consider the following guidelines:
  1. Bring the Right Tools: A jeweler’s loupe or a magnifying glass can be invaluable. These tools will help you inspect markings, check for damages, and discern the quality of gemstones.
  2. Know the Marks: Familiarize yourself with hallmark stamps. Gold jewelry, for example, will typically have marks like “10K,” “14K,” or “18K.” Sterling silver pieces might be stamped with “925” or “Sterling.”
  3. Examine for Wear and Repairs: Check clasps to see if they’re secure. Look for any signs of soldering or repairs that might decrease the value. Additionally, examine pearls to see if they’re knotted between each pearl—a sign of quality.
  4. Gemstone Authenticity: Be wary of terms like “lab-created” or “simulated.” These terms mean the gem is not natural. If possible, bring a diamond tester to distinguish between real diamonds and fakes.
  5. Ask About Provenance: Knowing the history of a piece can provide insight into its authenticity. Items with documentation or appraisals can add value and provide peace of mind.
Remember, estate sale shopping is as much about the experience and the thrill of discovery as it is about finding valuable pieces. With these guidelines in mind, you’re well-equipped to uncover hidden gems!
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