Vintage Pedal Cars: Fun and Collectible

Depending on your age, you may vividly remember the pedal car that provided you with so many days of enjoyment.

Pedal cars were first introduced in the 1880s, and within 30 years they were a mainstay in homes throughout the United States (as well as other parts of the world).

As replicas of real motor vehicles, pedal cars were a big hit. They had everything from working headlights to a professional paint job (and that’s just the start).

Some of the most successful manufacturers of pedal cars included:

•    Gendron

•    Garton

•    American National

•    Toledo Metal Wheel Company

•    Murray-Ohio

•    Kirk-Latty

Over the years, pedal cars eventually phased out. Nowadays, everything you see on the shelves is made of plastic.

Fortunately, with a dedicated search, you can still find vintage pedal cars in good condition. And if you do, you should strongly consider what it’s worth.

For example, a 60 inch American National Hook and Ladder pedal car recently sold at auction for $2,160. That’s serious money for a car that was once nothing more than a child’s favorite toy.

If you love toys, motor vehicles, and collectibles, it’s time to turn your attention to vintage pedal cars. You may find that starting a collection will provide you with just as much entertainment as these cars did when you were young.

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