Vintage Superhero Toys are Fun, Memorable, and Often Valuable

Go back in time to your childhood and there’s a good chance you enjoyed playing with superhero toys. Now that you’re an adult, you probably don’t have as much time for playing. But what you do have is the time and money to collect.

Vintage superhero toys are fun, memorable, and in many cases, extremely valuable. If you have any of these in storage — or if you find yourself shopping at a local estate sale or garage sale — keep your eyes open for these toys. Here are some of the best examples with recent auction prices.

  • Batman Walking Toy, 1960s – $43,200
  • Superman Flying Spaceman Toy, 1950s – $57,600
  • Ultraman Lego Walking Toy – $7,200
  • Space Man Flyer Toy – $5,700
  • Astro Boy Flyer Toy – $4,500

While these are among the most valuable vintage superhero toys, they’re not alone. There are many others that are more common but still hold value.

So, if you enjoyed superhero toys as a kid or want to revisit collecting these items, there’s never been a better time.

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