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3 Tips to Prepare Your Home for a Springtime Estate Sale

With the spring season upon us, it’s safe to say that you’re looking forward to becoming more active. Who knows, you may even be interested in scheduling an estate sale sometime in the next few months.

From downsizing to de-cluttering, there are many reasons to have an estate sale. However, before you get started, there’s something you need to know: it’s essential to prepare your home for the event.

Here are three tips to follow:

·      Clean up outside. You know that garden hose that’s been laying on your walkway all winter? You’ll want to put it away, as you’ll have quite a few people walking into and out of your home. Cleaning up and organizing the exterior of your home will go a long way in making your home more inviting (and safer).

·      Set the right interior temperature. Spring weather can be tricky. One day it’s super nice, but the next it’s a bit cold. You want to set the right interior temperature, as it’s imperative to make your shoppers as comfortable as possible. No one will want to spend time inside your home if its 100 degrees!

·      Spring clean with a purpose. Don’t make the mistake of throwing out too much during your annual spring-cleaning. Instead, make note of which items you can hang onto and sell for a profit.

So, there you have it. With these three tips in mind, you’ll be able to prepare your home for a springtime estate sale. And of course, if you need any further assistance, it’s always a good idea to consult an estate sale professional. Let the fun begin!

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