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3 Unexpected Pleasures of Having an Estate Sale

shutterstock_154243622-300x218Most people who organize an estate sale do so for the same reason: to make money selling items they no longer want or need.

While there are definite financial implications of an estate sale, there are other pleasures that could come up along the way. Here are three you may not be expecting:

1. Declutter your home. Over time, most people have a way of collecting entirely too much stuff. Soon enough, they realize their home is cluttered. They have boxes stacked in closets. They have piles of junk in their basement and attic.

If you hold an estate sale, you may be surprised to find that your home is much more spacious after everything is said and done. The reason? You have successfully decluttered your property.

2. Knowing your items will find a good home. It is only natural to have an attachment to some items. Even so, you know that selling them is the right decision. Knowing that your items are going to a good home can make this much easier on you.

3. The value of items. Have you always wondered how much somebody would pay for that dining room set? How about the pool table you stopped using a few years back? You will soon find that many of your items held their value over the years. On the flip side, there is no escaping the fact that some items are not worth nearly as much as you thought. Here is the reality of the situation: a well run, professional estate sale will result in some items being sold for more than you thought, while others fall short. In the end, everything averages out and you are likely to be happy with the result.

These are just three of the many pleasures associated with an estate sale. Of course, the best way to experience the joy is to plan a sale of your own. You will be glad you did!

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