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5 MLB Autographs you may Find at an Estate Sale

NolanRyanEvery MLB collector dreams of adding a Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, or Lou Gehrig autograph to his or her collection. While these autographs exist, they are extremely difficult to find. Not to mention the fact that they can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Other autographs are more readily available. Here are five you may find at an estate sale:

1. Pete Rose. The all-time hit king may have found himself in hot water for betting on the game he loves, but that doesn’t change the fact that his autograph makes for a great addition to any collection.

2. Nolan Ryan. With more than 5,000 career strikeouts, many consider Ryan the best pitcher of all time. Enough said.

3. Ted Williams. Teddy Ballgame is one of the top players of all time. Even so, his autograph is not as rare as many other old-timers.

4. Derek Jeter. Even though Jeter just retired last year, his name still deserves to grace this list. As one of the greatest Yankees ever, no MLB autograph collection is complete without at least one piece signed by Jeter.

5. Sandy Koufax. This is one of the more challenging finds, but you never know when a Koufax autograph will pop up. Since he is still alive, his autograph is not as rare as many others who played during the same period.

The next time you find yourself browsing an estate sale, keep a close eye out for MLB autographs. Most are worth buying, but these five players should be at the top of your “want list.”

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