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American Art Pottery: The Most Valuable Makers

Are you interested in collecting American art pottery? It doesn’t matter if you’re starting your collection or building one that you already have in place, it’s a good idea to have a sound understanding of the most valuable makers.

While there are hundreds of American art pottery makers out there – some still in business and some not – pieces from the following are among the most valuable:

•    Arequipa Art Pottery

•    Brouwer Art Pottery

•    Dedham Art Pottery

•    Fulper Art Pottery

•    Hampshire Art Pottery

•    Marblehead Art Pottery

•    Merrimac Art Pottery

•    Newcomb College Art Pottery

•    Pewabic Art Pottery

•    Redlands Art Pottery

•    Robineau Art Pottery

•    Saturday Evening Girls Art Pottery

•    Teco Art Pottery

•    Van Briggle Art Pottery

•    Walrath Art Pottery

•    Weller Art Pottery

For example, Arequipa Art Pottery only operated between the years of 1911 and 1918 (out of Fairfax, California). However, many of the pieces from this company are extremely valuable, as famous ceramicist Frederick Hurton Rhead had a brief stint with the company.

While most vases from Arequipa Art Pottery are valued at $500 or less, some of the better pieces can reach $10,000+.

If American art pottery is your thing, there’s no shortage of makers that have produced top of the line, super-valuable pieces. From local estate sales to online auctions, keep your eyes open and you never know what you’ll find.

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