Baseball Season is on its Way! Add These Names to Your Collection Today

Despite all that’s going on in the world, it appears that the MLB season is set to kick off within a few weeks. And for people who have been craving sports, this is like music to their ears.

If you’re a collector of baseball memorabilia, there’s no better time than now to get back into the action. Before doing so, make a list of players you want to target, both from the modern era and the past.

These current players are well known for their achievements on the field, as well as the rising value of any collectibles attached to their name:

•    Mike Trout

•    Christian Yelich

•    Cody Bellinger

•    Mookie Betts

•    Anthony Rendon

•    Alex Bregman

•    Gerrit Cole

•    Jacob deGrom

•    Nolan Arenado

•    Francisco Lindor

When buying collectibles, take into consideration all your options. This includes but is not limited to autographs, sports cards, and game used items (such as jerseys and bats).

There’s nothing more exciting than baseball season in America. And this is especially true in 2020, with the first pitch delayed by a couple of months.

With action on the diamond on its way, create a memorabilia wish list and begin your search!

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