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Estate Sales and Discounts: Things to Know

Many people visit an estate sale because they are looking for a deal. In some cases – not always – additional discounts are made available.

This typically comes into play over the course of the sale. As each day goes by and items remain, there’s a greater chance that they could be discounted in an attempt to move them before the event comes to an end.

Here’s what buyers need to remember: it’s best to realize that items are fairly priced to begin with. This way, even if you buy without a discount, you know that you are getting a reasonable deal.

From there, if a discount is offered, you can really feel good about pulling the trigger on the purchase.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to meet with thousands upon thousands of buyers. Here’s something we come across all the time: people tell us they wish they would have made a purchase the first time they saw an item, as opposed to waiting for a better price. By the time they returned to make the purchase, it was already gone.

Everyone wants to get a good deal, and that’s why estate sales are so popular. Items are priced fairly upfront, giving you the opportunity to make a confident purchase.

Even if you wait too long and your dream item is no longer for sale, don’t fret. Simply visit more estate sales in the future. You’ll eventually find what you are looking for!

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