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Five Civil War Collectibles Everybody wants to Own

Are you a Civil War buff? Do you enjoy adding to your collection of Civil War collectibles? If you answered yes to these questions, there is a good chance you spend a lot of time searching estate sales, the internet, and auctions for your next big purchase.

Some of the most commonly collected Civil War items include:

· Canteens

· Bullets

· Bayonets

· Uniforms

· Maps

· Photographs

Since these are among the most common, your chance of finding one of these items at an estate sale is much greater.

As you know, some pieces of Civil War memorabilia are more valuable than others. You may never have the chance to own one of the most valuable pieces of history, but this doesn’t mean you can’t dream of doing so.

Here are five Civil War collectibles that everybody wants to own:

1. General Grant’s Presentation Sword

This diamond studded sword sold at Heritage Auctions in 2007 for the whopping sum of $1,673,000. When it comes to Civil War collectibles, this sword given to Ulysses S. Grant is the cream of the crop.

2. Battle Flag owned by General J.E.B. Stuart

Stuart was one of the most popular Confederate officers, and this flag, made by his wife, has become quite valuable over the years. It sold at auction in 2007 for $956,000.

3. Terms of Surrender Letters

Sold at auction for $537,750, these copies are signed by Confederate General Robert E. Lee, outlining the terms of surrender. This sale included copies of four letters.

4. Confederate Battle Flag

Captured at Macon, Georgia on April 2, 1865, the flag was sold at Heritage Auctions in December of 2007 for $179,250.

5. Complete Zouave Uniform

This is a special piece, as it was the uniform worn by W. Beriah Chandler at the Battle of Gettysburg. Not only was this the deadliest battle of the war, but it is considered to be the turning point. Previously sold for $125,475 in 2007, you can expect this collectible to increase in value with each passing year.

Buying one of these Civil War collectibles takes a little bit of luck and a lot of money. Fortunately, there are many items out there that are more readily available (and affordable). As you scour estate sales and auctions, you may be surprised at what you find.

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