Four Sales Gets Down and Dirty!!

Four Sales is a well known estate sale company in the DC metro area. I have attended probably 50 of their sales.

At this high end sale, the grounds were very wet due to recent snowfall. It began to rain and someone got stuck in the mud in the parking area. I was blocked in and could not get out. When I went back to the house to ask for help, two gentleman immediately came out to help the person who was stuck. They also helped direct me out of the parking area. To make matters worse, it began to rain harder and people started to get edgy and rude. Another worker from inside the house came out to help push this poor woman out of the mud and they finally succeeded. Even though there was a much larger crowd than usual, the Four Sales workers were pleasant and helpful. Paula was her regular calm self and handled the crowd with ease.

This was a circumstance beyond their control and they handled it gracefully. That’s why I’ll be at their next sale!

Kira W. ~
Vienna, VA (February 2014)

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