Four Sales Wowed Us!

From the first contact (recommendation from Karen Bush of Great Falls Organizers), until the last check was received, Four Sales wowed us. We are very pleased.

Of course, we know that antiques don’t bring as much as in the past [but the results were as promised and better]. Four Sales’ folks were on time, knowledgeable, careful of our 4th generation furniture and housewares, and courteous and careful of our home and belongings. Thanks so very much.

Special thanks to Daniel and Mark for the personal attention to our needs and schedules.Their advice on what to sell and how/when to do the sale to get the best revenues for us was right on the mark. We have reduced the crowdedness of our home while still retaining plenty of pieces for us to still enjoy and to build another solid sale some time in the future. Please keep in contact with us.

Richard C. ~
Fairfax, VA (February 2018)

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