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Hiring Four Sales was a Bullseye Decision!

WOW! I had procrastinated for years in selling off the old collectibles, guns, knives and odds & ends that I had inherited. I talked to ‘experts’ a few times who offered to buy some of the stuff and pay me about half the value but nobody who would help me with all of it until I talked to Four Sales.

Not only did you take ALL of the stuff I wanted to get rid of (and some of it really seemed like junk), you SOLD it ALL and I got money for it. Even the broken items and the parts and pieces. Best of all, your expert really knew his stuff and spent the time to dig up the right details on the items. He even advised me to keep some of the items either because the sentimental value was higher than the sale value or because the items was rare enough that I really shouldn’t sell it. I didn’t always take his advice but I was happy to have it none the less!

In the end you did several things for me that nobody else offered with any confidence:
1) You gave me honest advice on the value of my items
2) You took ALL the stuff I wanted to get rid of
3) You got me far more $ for the items than I expected
4) You gave me a very thorough accounting of the sales results
5) You made it EASY!

Thanks again Dan (and Pete) for doing such a GREAT JOB!

Craig R. ~
Reston, VA (March 2016)

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