How to Reclaim your House as an Empty Nester

An empty nester is a parent whose children have grown up and no longer live at home. At first, you may be sad that all your children are gone. From there, you will likely realize you have freedom that you have not experienced in quite some time.

There are many things you can do to reclaim your house as an empty nester:

1. Ask your children to take what they want. Some children will leave behind many items, as they have started a new life and no longer need them. Then there are those who are comfortable taking everything with them. Let your children take what they want. At that point, you can decide what to do with the leftovers.

2. Plan an estate sale. This is a great idea if your children have left a lot behind. You can combine their stuff with what you have, making an estate sale a great way to not only clear the clutter but to also make some money.

3. Consider a move. Do you still need a big home despite the fact that your children are gone? If your answer is no, don’t be shy about considering all your options. You may find that a move to a condo or townhouse best suits your current situation.

Note: if you plan on moving, you have another reason to organize an estate sale.

Don’t let “empty nest syndrome” get you down. Instead, start planning for the future. This can include everything from selling items you no longer want or need, to putting your property on the market.

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