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Impressed from the First Interaction

From the very first interaction, I was impressed with the professionalism of this organization. Before contracting with them, I visited one of their estate sales, and I was very impressed with how organized everything was, and the friendly knowledgeable staff who were working the sale. Things were priced fairly. The items with which I have a more intimate knowledge of value, were priced to generate the greatest return for the seller, but again, were fair. They knew values and were not “giving things away”, but were also pricing it so that it would sell, which of course is the goal. In my case, the value of the items in the estate did not warrant a sale, as the costs of doing the sale would have been greater than the revenue generated. Daniel at Four Sales met with me and reviewed everything at length, before advising that he felt that the estate would best served by selling the few valuable things at auction, donating what would be acceptable to the various charities, and then getting rid of the remainder by using a trash hauling service. I think we spent nearly an hour reviewing the options, with him calculating what he felt would be the best return for me as the representative of the estate. Although it was not an easy day, I can’t imagine what it would have been like without Daniel’s amazing crew. Everyone worked in tandem to get everything done, and to a person, they were thoughtful, respectful, good-natured, polite and well mannered. Though it was a long and taxing day, they all made it much less stressful. Daniel also referred me to a couple of companies that he recommended to do repair work on the home before it went up for sale. I ended up using one of the companies, and they were also a great help. Were I ever in the position to need these kinds of services again, I would not shop around. I would call Four Sales.

Tom R. ~
Alexandria, VA (March 2016)

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  1. Thank you for your business and your positive feedback! Please don’t keep us a secret as referrals are the greatest compliment we can receive.

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