Neon Signs are Collector Items

It goes without saying that you weren’t around when neon signs made their debut more than 110 years ago at the Paris Motor Show. Over the years, these signs have become increasingly popular, and in today’s day and age many people collect them.

Get this: some neon signs are extremely valuable, such as a Pacific Bait & Tackle shop sign that recently sold at auction for $23,370. Imagine that!

Why are neon signs so popular among collectors? One reason is that older ones are difficult to come by.

Neon signs are both fragile and difficult to repair, which led many people to dispose of them in the 1960s and 1970s in exchange for more modern options.

Thanks to the rarity of these early neon signs, they’ve become a hot collector item for many people. While signs in their original condition – with original parts – are most coveted, those that have been restored can be every bit as valuable.

Some recent auction sales include:

•    Drink Blatz Beer: $6,150

•    Shell Gasoline: $17,220

•    Borden’s Milk & Ice Cream: $3,200

Are you a neon sign collector? If so, keep your eyes open online and at local estate sales. You never know when you’ll find a “blast from the past.”

And of course, if you have an old neon sign around your house, it may be time to seek an appraisal.

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