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Organization is Key to a Successful Estate Sale

estate sale organizationHave you attended estate sales in the past? Have you spent some time at garage sales? There are many differences between the two, with one factor standing out above the rest: organization.

Generally speaking, estate sales are more organized than garage sales. Not only does this benefit the seller, but it goes a long way in keeping prospective buyers on-site and interested in making a purchase.

If you plan on having an estate sale, it is essential to become familiar with the many ways to keep everything organized from start to finish.

Are you worried about this? For example, you may be concerned that you won’t be able to handle the large crowd that could show up at your property. Hiring a professional estate sale company will put your mind at ease. This takes you out of the “line of fire,” while allowing the professionals to step in and handle all the organizational details on your behalf.

For example, we often implement a sign-in process. Here is a brief excerpt from our website:

“There is a special consideration, with regards to accessing the sale, on the first day only. Because of the interest in our events on the opening day, the manager on duty will “sign in” everyone present when he or she arrives at the event site around an hour and a half before opening on the first day of the sale. This way you have the time to go for coffee or breakfast before we open. You must be present to be signed in. Doors Open Promptly at the time advertised on the website. Please note that Four Sales has not accepted or honored so-called “numbers” in over 2 years and as a result have created a level playing field between individuals purchasing for their own use and persons buying for resale.”

This may not sound like a big deal, but you will soon find that this process is for the betterment of your sale (as well as those in attendance).

The bigger the estate sale the more difficult it can be to stay organized. Furthermore, the more people who visit, the more challenges you will face. Since it is likely you don’t have the experience to deal with this on your own, let us guide you through the process. This way, you never have to concern yourself with questions of organization.

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