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Outfit your Vacation Home at Estate Sales

Small toy house in handsDo you own a vacation home? Are you thinking about buying one of these in the near future? If so, you know just how important it is to treat this property just the same as your primary home.

Since you don’t live in the home year round and you may rent it out to others, the idea of overspending on furniture and other items may not make much sense. Rather than buying all new items for your vacation home, consider the benefits of shopping at an estate sale.

1. Variety of items to choose from. No matter what you searching for, an estate sale is a great place to start.

In our last blog post, we discussed the many reasons to buy furniture at an estate sale. You can find high quality goods that are meant to last, all at an affordable price. This is perfect for a vacation home, especially if you are going to rent it out to others who may not treat it like their own.

2. There are many odds and ends to consider. Do you need silverware for your vacation home? How about glassware? These are the types of things you can find for cheap at an estate sale (without giving up on quality, of course). Check out this blog post on the five things you should buy at an estate sale, many of which would fit in nicely at your vacation property.

3. More affordable prices. Why buy new when you have other options? At an estate sale, you can get high quality items at a fraction of the new cost. This will allow you to outfit your property, regardless of your budget.

When the time comes to outfit your vacation home, don’t run for local retail and furniture stores. Instead, visit a few estate sales. The quality, selection, and low prices are enough for you to realize that this was a great decision.

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