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Porcelain Dinnerware is Hot During the Holiday Season

Are you hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner at your home? Are you inviting friends and/or family over during the holiday season? Are you spending it alone with your immediate family?

Regardless of your plans during the holiday season, you want to make it one you’ll never forget. And for many people, that means going all out when setting their table for dinner.

Porcelain dinnerware may not be something you use every day of the week, but instead only pull it out for the holidays. If you’re in the market for your first set or a new set, you’re in luck. There are many places you can turn for both new and gently used items.

One thing that you may not realize is that porcelain dinnerware can be extremely valuable and collectible. For example, a 29-piece Royal Crown Derby porcelain dessert service recently sold for $9,600 at auction.

While Royal Crown Derby is among the most coveted names in this space (the company dates back to the 1700s), there are many other brands that are known for quality and luxury:

•    Minton

•    Royal Cauldon

•    Haviland Limoges

•    Mottahedah

Even if you have no plans on using your porcelain dinnerware this holiday season, take it out and examine it to learn more. You never know; it could be worth thousands of dollars!

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