Prepare for Summer by Purchasing these Tools at an Estate Sale

Now that spring has arrived, there’s a good chance you’re spending more time in your yard. From mowing the lawn to gardening, from cleaning the exterior of your home to setting up porch furniture, there’s no shortage of tasks on your to-do list.

In preparation for summer, now’s the time to take inventory of the tools you have and those that you need to purchase.

Here are just a handful of tools you can purchase at an estate sale, all of which you’ll use time after time in the months to come:

·      Lawnmower: If you’ve ever shopped for a new lawnmower at a local big box store, you know that it can easily set you back $200 or more. And if you want a more advanced model, such as one that is self-propelled with all wheel drive, you can expect to pay even more. At an estate sale, you can buy a high quality mower for a fraction of the cost.

·      Pressure washer: This is one of those tools most homeowners need, but none want to purchase. The reason is simple: the cost is high for a tool that you won’t use often. It makes more sense to buy a gently used pressure washer at an estate sale, as you can get what you need without parting with an excessive amount of money.

·      Leaf blower: How do you get those grass clippings off your driveway after mowing? How do you get those leaves out of your yard all summer long? A leaf blower not only saves you time, but it’s also more convenient than using a broom or getting on your hands and knees.

The summer months are closing in, so don’t wait any longer to purchase the tools you need.

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