#1 in the Greater Washington DC Area and the Mid-Atlantic Region

So many buyers that neighbors set up their own impromptu yard sales!

Description Of Work: Sorted all items left in the house.  Priced each object.  Advertised as estate sale.  Conducted estate sale over three day period.  Arranged for charity donation and disposal of unsold items.
Comments: They met with us three times before the estate sale to go over exact procedures and advise on what would sell and what would not.  We moved out of town before the sale but we received good reports from friends and neighbors on the volume of buyers and organization of the sale.  They drew in so many buyers to the neighborhood that neighbors set up their own impromptu yard sales to take advantage of the traffic.  Everything was accomplished within the scheduled times.  They were able to price and sell antiques, silver, collectibles, coins, books and toys both old and new.  They were able to sell everyday items as well as family heirlooms.  They effectively protected the items that were not for sale.  We received a prompt itemized sales list and accounting and prompt transfer of the proceeds.
Stanley S. ~
Fairfax, VA (April 2015)

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