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Sports Memorabilia: What are you Searching for?

honus wagnerAre you the type of person who enjoys collecting sports memorabilia? From the extremely valuable items to those that hold a special place in your heart, you are always looking to add something to your collection.

Despite the fact that a growing number of people are realizing the benefits of searching for sports memorabilia online, you should never overlook the advantages of scouring local estate sales. As you dig around, you may be surprised at how many pieces you find – many of which are extremely valuable.

Don’t believe that sports memorabilia can be worth millions? Think again. Over the years, hundreds of pieces have sold for millions of dollars. Here are five items that every collector would love to get his or her hands on:

1. 1920 Babe Ruth jersey. Can you believe this jersey sold for more than $4.4 million in 2012? The Babe was one of the greatest players of all time, and the selling price of this jersey shows just that.

2. James Naismith’s founding rules of basketball. While the game of basketball has changed a lot since these rules were written in 1891, this is one of the greatest pieces of memorabilia in the world. The sales price of $4,338,500 is nothing to brush aside.

3. Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball. Do you remember the magical summer when McGwire was hitting one home run after the next, breaking records along the way? The record-breaking 70th home run ball was sold for $3 million.

4. Honus Wagner 1909 Baseball Card. This is the most coveted sports card in the world, with only a few (57) in existence. Most recently, one of these cards sold for $2.8 million.

5. Soccer rules book. As the most popular sport in the world, soccer is loved by people from all over the globe. A rules book from 1859 sold for $1.4 million.

While MLB memorabilia is known for being among the most valuable, don’t overlook other sports, including basketball and soccer, as you continue to build your collection.

Do you have anything of great value in your collection? Did you buy it at an estate sale? Share your comments with us, and remember, you never know when you are going to find that next great item!

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