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What are Kachina Dolls?

For many years, Kachina dolls have been growing in popularity. And now, depending on the origins, age and condition, it’s not out of the question to find one of these dolls that’s worth four figures (or more).

These dolls are small, brightly painted wooden figures that resemble masked impersonators.

While many dolls are made for nothing more than children to play with, this isn’t the case with these.

Instead, they’re given to children at an early age to study and treasure, as Kachinas are a big part of the Hopi religion.

Other Points of Importance

Here are some additional points regarding Kachina dolls that are important to understand:

·      They are gifted to children during Kachina ceremonies

·      After the ceremony, the children hang the dolls in their home

·      It’s an important part of the religion for children to understand what each Kachina looks like

·      There are more than 200 different Kachinas recognized by the Hopi religion

·      Kachina dolls are typically carved out of wood by the maternal uncles of young girls

Not only are Kachina dolls interesting to collect, as each one is unique, but they can also be extremely valuable. The only problem with collecting these dolls is that they are quite rare, which can make it a challenge to regularly add to your collection.

For a mainstream Kachina doll that you can buy online, a price of $15 to $50 is reasonable. However, for those that are rare and more unique, $375+ is not out of the question.

If you ever come across a Kachina doll at a local estate sale or garage sale, consider making a purchase on the spot. It’s safe to say the doll has a special story – and it could be worth big money!

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