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What Should I Wear to an Estate Sale?

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting your first estate sale or have been attending these events for many years, there’s an important question to answer before you ever leave home: what should I wear?

While there is no right or wrong answer, there are a few things to consider before walking out of your home and heading to a local estate sale:

·      You’ll be on your feet. You’ll do quite a bit of walking at an estate sale, so wearing comfortable shoes is an absolute must. So, leave those sandals and high heels at home. Instead, opt for a comfortable pair of walking shoes that will allow you to cover plenty of ground without any discomfort.

·      Check out the weather forecast. Since you’ll be spending time indoors and out (possibly), it’s a good idea to know the weather for the day. Is it going to rain? Will it be cooler than usual? Will it be sweltering hot? As you answer these questions you’ll formulate a better idea of what you should wear.

·      Give yourself some flexibility. For example, it may be cool when you leave your house in the morning, however, temperatures can quickly pick up as the sun rises. You need to give yourself some flexibility to change your clothing, such as by wearing a light jacket that you can easily remove as the heat sets in.

These tips will come in handy the next time you find yourself dressing for an estate sale.

Do you have any other advice? Share your personal tips in the comment section below!

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