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What’s the Process for Going to an Estate Sale?

Most people understand that an estate sale and garage sale are entirely different. However, this leads to a variety of misconceptions.

For example, some believe that you need a special invitation in order to attend an estate sale. This simply isn’t true (most of the time).

Generally speaking, estate sales are open to the public. If there are any restrictions, it’s safe to assume that the estate sale company will provide the necessary details well in advance.

In some cases, such as on the first day of an estate sale, the manager on duty will sign in everyone who arrives at the event. Typically, this occurs approximately an hour before the doors open. As long as you are present during this time, you can be signed in to ensure that you gain access.

Note: there are times when estate sale companies issue access numbers for a particular area of a sale, such as a large memorabilia collection. If this is in effect it will be announced by the manager at the opening of the event.

All in all, there is nothing complicated about attending an estate sale. All you have to do is review a list of upcoming events, decide which ones to attend, and get there on time. At that point, it’s up to you to scour the available items in hopes of finding what you’re looking for.

Good luck at your next estate sale!

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