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Where have I heard that song before?

October 16, 2011

Daniel Sanders
Four Sales LTD
6405 10th Street
Alexandria, Va 22307

Hi Daniel,

It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to tell you, your staff and crews what a positive and rewarding experience is was in dealing with Four Sales. You folks are terrific.

When we first met, I had some doubt about your initial statement: “We make it easy for you – you donʼt have anything to worry about”. — Internally, I said to myself, “Where
have I heard that song before?!!!”. For a person not having any experience, or knowledge of how to disperse items in an estate, I didnʼt have a clue as to what to do or how to approach such a project. Having to move furniture to beneficiaries in three different states, shred “umpteen” boxes of documents, empty the house — items for auction, items for charity and items for trash — was an overwhelming situation in my mindʼs eye. Having said this, YOU DELIVERED AS PROMISED.You offered several recommendations for those projects that your company did not personally handle — each one was fantastic. Your entire operation is extremely professional, efficient and well-coordinated. Everything worked like a swiss watch. We had to deal with four different crews, and you set everything up like clock-work. Timelines were adhered to, crew folks were professional, polite and helpful. You guys really made it easy!!

I would highly recommend you and your organization to any folk who are in need of disposing estate materials/goods etc. Please know how appreciative I am of all the good things you did to make everything work the right way.


Dr. Rudy F. ~
Great Falls, VA (October 2011, executor from Connecticut)

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