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Will my Home be Damaged During an Estate Sale?

As you ponder the benefits of an estate sale, there may be a few things holding you back. While it’s natural to have some fears, especially if this is your first estate sale, there’s nothing to be worried about.

For many, the biggest concern is damage to their home. You’re worried that prospective buyers will enter your home, without regard for its well-being, and leave it trashed.

If this is on your mind, here are a few things to remember:

·      Your estate sale company knows what they’re doing. This means many things, including the fact that your home will be laid out so buyers can find what they’re looking for in a clear and efficient manner.

·      Items are moved with care. If there are large items being sold, for example, your company makes sure they are removed from the home without causing any damage.

·      People shop with respect. It’s easy to believe that buyers will trounce through your home without thinking twice about the impact, but this is very rarely the case. In fact, we’ve found that most people treat the home just as they would their own.

Note: your estate sale company should have general liability insurance, along with workers’ compensation and bonding. Also, make sure your home insurance policy is active.

At this point, we hope you feel better about letting people into your home during an estate sale.

At Four Sales, we take great pride in ensuring that your home looks the same at the end of the event as it did when the first customer walked through the door!

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