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An eclectic collection of art, furniture and household furnishings…

Daniel Sanders and the whole Four Sales experience could not have been better from my point of view as executor of an artist’s estate. Daniel was very, very helpful both in explaining the process, the ways to maximize returns and lessen the hassle. He did not waste time but was very willing to answer questions, and provide useful and thoughtful advice. It was through Daniel that I found the very capable realtor who handled the sale of the house.

The crew that set up and conducted the sale were experienced, efficient, polite and a pleasure to work with. The estate contained an eclectic collection of art, furniture and household furnishings, some valuable some not and quite difficult to discern the difference. To value these items took appraisers/curators specializing in different areas. Much of their work was then reviewed and if needed further researched. It also contained over 30 large original oil paintings and an equal or greater number of smaller works by the decedent.

The sales itself was orderly and very successful. Publicity and produced a crowd that began assembling two or three hours before hand. Some who lined up were aggressively interested in certain items, yet the opening was orderly, efficient and without acrimony.

The receipts were more than Daniel had estimated and a check for the net proceeds was received within ten days. The house was as promised broom clean and all trash was removed by the end of the day. Charities had arrived and taken what they could use on time and by the end of the day, the house was “broom clean” and all trash was removed.

I an happy to recommend Four Sales without hesitation or qualification.

Ann C.
Falls Church,VA (July 2012)

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