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Thank you for the work you did taking the burden off our family

Over the past  several months, I had the pleasure to work with Four Sales on an estate sale of the property from my parent’s residence.    The overall experience was both a very positive one and effortless.   In picking Four Sales, we investigated several other firms.    Many didn’t even respond and the ones that did required money up front just to assess the effort.

Four Sales came out, provided initial guidance on the multiple approaches to the assets from the residence.    We had items that were applicable to both basic and luxury auctions.  We also had items that were appropriate for charities and of course some items that were only suitable for disposal.    You would think with all the different approaches needed that our involvement would be substantive.    On the contrary.   Four Sales handled all of the items efficiently, expeditiously and completely to our satisfaction.    I could not be more pleased as the house was ready for sale once they completed picking up the various items.

Four Sales, thank you for the work you did taking the burden off our family at a very difficult time.


Eric A.
from Vienna, VA for parents home in Columbia, MD (July 2012)

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