Antique Advertising: A Blast from the Past

With each passing year, the advertising industry changes. However, that doesn’t mean we should leave the past in the past.

Antique advertising has been a big hit with collectors for many years, with this especially true as of late.

Morford’s Antique Advertising Auctions recently sold more than 100 lots of antique and vintage items displaying some form of advertising.

On the low end, a wooden barbershop sign sold for $224. On the opposite end of the spectrum, an Adams Chiclets chewing gum display from 1926 fetched nearly $15,000.

Some of the biggest and most collectible brands in antique advertising include:

•    Coca-Cola

•    Campbell’s

•    Jell-O

•    Calumet

Depending on your age, you’re likely to come across a few pieces that evoke memories from the past.

For example, do you remember the old Coca-Cola advertising signs from the 1950s? What about the Campbell’s Tomato Soup advertisements that were plastered all over local stores?

If you’re interested in antique advertising collectibles, take the time to scour local estate sales and garage sales. You never know when you’ll come across a piece you’ve been searching for!

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