Baseball Season is Here: It’s Time to Add to Your Collection

After a long winter, baseball season is right around the corner. Spring training games start in late February, with the real season getting underway about a month later.

If you enjoy collecting baseball memorabilia, there’s no better time of the year to add to your collection.

Here’s a long list of the most valuable MLB autographs:

•    Ted Williams

•    Ty Cobb

•    Joe DiMaggio

•    Babe Ruth

•    Stan Musial

•    Mickey Mantle

•    Jackie Robinson

•    Roberto Clemente

While these autographs remain extremely valuable, all of these players took to the diamond many years ago.

If you’re most interested in memorabilia from today’s greats, here are some names that will pique your interest:

•    Mike Trout

•    Mookie Betts

•    Francisco Lindor

•    Nolan Arenado

•    Jose Altuve

•    Max Scherzer

•    Alex Bregman

•    Jacob deGrom

•    Jose Ramirez

•    Gerrit Cole

Not only are you more likely to find memorabilia from this player list, but it’s typically more affordable. Of course, this doesn’t always hold true, as it’s based largely on the type of memorabilia and scarcity.

If you’re ready to bulk up your MLB collection in the months to come, shop online, at local stores, and at local estate sales. When you keep your options open, you’re more likely to find that perfect piece you can’t live without.

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