Four Sales Earned My Trust

As a first-time customer, I offer the following tips to other potential first-time customers:

  1. The most important thing to me in this kind of business is trust. Did Daniel and his team earn my trust? Absolutely. And for that reason, I would turn to them again, but only for certain kinds of sales. Given the high cost of engaging these folks (fees and commission ate up close to 50% of the final offer I received), low dollar value items are frankly not worth the trouble and retain more value as memorabilia than cash. Be careful what you ask for.
  1. As a newbie, I didn’t ask too many questions but I strongly recommend that you do. For example: “If my (item) does not command an offer consistent with expectations (those provided by Daniel or your own), can I turn down the offer and keep my (item)?” These folks are clearly busy and I believe they (mistakenly) assume you know how the game is played. They won’t walk you through the process unless you ask them to.

Henry H.
Manassas, VA (January 2024)

From Four Sales Ltd – Thank you for your feedback and for your trust in Four Sales Ltd. We very much appreciate your business. Learning from your input, we will make certain to more clearly communicate any additional expenses that may be incurred when selling sports memorabilia like yours. Unfortunately, the cost of grading and authenticating sports memorabilia is a specialty 3rd party business over which we have no control but is needed to maximize sale prices and one in which they can practice variable fee structures where the potential sale price influences the authentication or grading fees. The item you consigned with us sold for a very good price and realized it’s full pre-auction estimate. That being said, we recognize and value your concern about the additional expenses and the need to more clearly communicate them to our consignors. Thank you again.

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