Four Sales Provides a Fabulous Service!

Four Sales provides fabulous service.  We were downsizing from a home we’d lived in for more than 30 years, and we found the prospect of dealing with the accumulated stuff absolutely intimidating.  In simply getting the lay of the land, I found clothes I didn’t know I owned, wedding gifts from 45 years ago we’d never used, children’s mementoes from summer camp in the 90s, family “heirlooms” we’d never used and our children didn’t want, and on and on and on and on.  Our realtor recommended that we contact Daniel Sanders of Four Sales, and he promptly helped us sort through our stuff, gave us a valuation of what it was worth, and showed us how to get maximum value with minimum effort.  That combination of maximum value at minimum cost and effort was crucial for us and will be for you, too.  How much work were we willing to do?  What was the expected return?  Were we willing to work that cheap, at our age, with all we needed to do?  He arranged for a charitable donation of what was valuable–what charity found valuable was amazing–and disposal of the trash.  Before you do anything else with your accumulated stuff, bring Daniel in for an appraisal.  It’ll be well worth your time, and I’ll bet you’ll then do what we did.

David P. ~
Silver Spring, MD (April 2017)

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