The Whole Process Went Very Smoothly

Daniel Sanders and Four Sales were great to work with and the whole process went very smoothly. Four Sales was very professional, from setting up the initial contract to answering questions promptly and arriving on schedule. The movers on both sides – the sale truck and the donation truck, did a great job. They were […]...
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Four Sales Made It Painless

The process of downsizing and moving many miles away was not something we were looking forward to. Four Sales made it painless. After the movers packed and removed all that we had decided to keep, Four Sales dealt with all the rest. It was painless. Alison K. ~ August 2018 (McLean, VA)...
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Four Sales Made It Easy!

Posted By on Jun 6, 2017 in Moving,Testimonials and Reviews
Working with Four Sales was a very pleasant and easy experience. We purchased a house and the owner had already committed to using Four Sales. Dan figured out how to make both owner and buyer of the home happy and it was a win/win. When Dan came to pick up the donation pile, the three […]...
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Four Sales Delivers a Great Experience!

What a great experience! The crew was knowledgeable about what would sell, what wouldn’t and at appropriate prices. Their in-house experts accurately priced jewelry, watches, collectibles and artwork. I felt our belongings were safe and secure during a very well-attended sale, and they cleaned as they left our home. Highly recommend this team...
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Four Sales is Top Notch

We cannot say enough good things about Four Sales.  Daniel’s guidance and advice were right on. The process and people were top notch. Kelly M. ~ Fairfax, VA (April 2017)...
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Four Sales Provides a Fabulous Service!

Posted By on Apr 4, 2017 in Downsizing,Moving,Testimonials and Reviews
Four Sales provides fabulous service.  We were downsizing from a home we’d lived in for more than 30 years, and we found the prospect of dealing with the accumulated stuff absolutely intimidating.  In simply getting the lay of the land, I found clothes I didn’t know I owned, wedding gifts from 45 years ago we’d […]...
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5 Low-Cost Upgrades to Make Before Selling Your Home

Posted By on Sep 9, 2016 in Downsizing,Moving
These home improvements can add big value to your home for little money. Here’s how to revamp your home and get the best ROI. For more on best-bang-for-your-buck improvements, check out this article on Angie’s List. Put in Backsplash This home improvement project recommended by the folks from Better Homes & Gardens is less than [&hellip...
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I couldn’t have been more pleased!!

I couldn’t have been more pleased!! The staff from Four Sales was professional, courteous and thoughtful. They even pulled aside a few personal items that I had missed and saved them for me. They understood the emotion of selling a long-time home and having an estate sale and when they said I wouldn’t need to […]...
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6 Estate Sale Fails and How to Fix Them

Posted By on Nov 11, 2015 in Downsizing,estate sale,Estate Sales,Moving
When planning an estate sale, many people struggle with the long process of sorting and selling items with such strong emotional ties. With an increasingly aging population in the U.S., more and more people will experience this struggle. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed and at a loss for what you need to do, you can […]...
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A Logical Approach

They specified a start time of 9:00am and showed up at 8:00am. They promised to be done by 4:00pm but completed about 1:30pm. For the most part they were careful in removing items from the house, but one item gave them some difficulty resulting in some damage to a couple doors. They promptly agreed and […]...
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