A Logical Approach

downsizing-keyThey specified a start time of 9:00am and showed up at 8:00am. They promised to be done by 4:00pm but completed about 1:30pm. For the most part they were careful in removing items from the house, but one item gave them some difficulty resulting in some damage to a couple doors. They promptly agreed and proceeded to have these areas repaired to the full satisfaction of the new home owner. I agree with their 3 truck approach, however, had I known some items that were not junk in my opinion would be classified as junk, I would have made more of an effort to sell them myself. Recommend that anyone considering contracting with Four Sales ascertain what items are deemed of no value for re-sale either at auction or by a charity. This will better guide you in disposal of those items during your downsizing effort.

David C.
McLean, VA (October 2015)

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