How to Create a High-End Bachelor Pad on a Budget

If you are a hip, young professional and desire a bachelor pad that will reflect your overall awesomeness, you are in luck. You got what it takes to transform a dull, lifeless space into a pad worthy of envy. Here are tips geared towards helping you accomplish this goal while sticking to a budget:

Avoid Using Too Much Trendy Furnishing

When choosing furniture for your pad, it is critical that you select items that will have some staying power. If you decorate using trendy items, you will be forced to redecorate when the style changes, which will cost you additional money. Ask furniture dealers for classic looks that will stand the test of time and you’ll avoid this pitfall. If you can’t resist trendy items, keep them small and easy to replace such as lamps, rugs, end tables or coffee tables. Try to keep your main pieces of furniture such as your couch classic and stylish.

Choosing the Right Upholstery

Although leather sofas are masculine and wear well, they also cost a great deal of money up front. You can save money by choosing pieces of upholstered furniture. When purchasing upholstered furniture, do not skimp too much on the fabric or you will end up spending money to repair your furniture down the road. Two color choices that are classic for men’s furniture are brown and gray. Dark, warm colors are the most masculine, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Moreover, these colors work with almost any color or design theme, making them appropriate for most rooms in your house.

Incorporate Technology

No bachelor pad is complete without the implementation of high-end technology. Flatscreen TVs, sound systems, automated lighting features, gaming systems and the latest computers are bachelor pad hallmarks. Because almost everything nowadays requires an internet connection to be fully utilized, choosing an internet bundle from CenturyLink is a great way to acquire a high-speed internet connection without busting your budget. However you decide to implement your gadgetry, use the technology to its fullest.

To find great deals on electronics, consider buying last year’s models. These items are often just as good as newer models but usually cost substantially less. However, if having the latest technology is important to you, then try to limit spending in other areas to make up for the extra expenses of acquiring tech toys.

Decorate Using What You Love

It makes no sense for men to decorate using flowers or other décor items that do not fit their tastes. Instead, use what you love, but do it tastefully. For example, if you are a huge fan of a certain football team, consider incorporating a photo of their stadium into your main living space. This does not mean putting up a poster of the stadium with push pins. Instead, invest in a professionally framed and matted photo of your team’s stadium. Hanging this on the wall behind your couch can help create a stylish look while incorporating what you love. For more inspiration on how to repurpose items, Better Homes and Gardens and Pinterest have tons of creative projects and tips.

Make it Comfortable

Yes, creating an attractive space is your ultimate goal. However, what good is it to design a high-end living space if it’s uncomfortable? Choose furnishings that you actually like and are cozy to lounge on. If you like a big, fluffy couch, but your style-savvy instinct says a stiff, formal couch will look better, go with what you know is comfortable instead of buying for looks. You can always set aside one room such as a game room where your not-so-refined items can find a home if your goal is to create a stylish main living area.

Contributed by Jaime Fairweather, Content Advocate, SocialMonsters,

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