It’s Always a Party with Carnival Glass

Carnival Glass is one of the most beautiful, unique and the shiniest of the moulded or pressed glasses. The thinner and finer the glass, the more expensive it becomes because it so much more challenging to mould and shape into the artist’s creation. Carnival Glass is so rare that if it is produced in this decade, it’s in very small designs and quantities. In the 1920’s, these masterpieces were at the height of their popularity. Everybody who was anybody had one or more in their home and was placed on display for all to see. However, like any other types of art, it went out of style and in the 50’s was given out as prizes at fairs and festivals. Then, collectors got their hands on these works-of-art and became intrigued. Carnival Glass was produced in a wide array of colors, combinations, shades and everything in between- that’s what truly makes each piece so unique and special. The most popular color used was marigold, and isn’t very recognizable to the naked eye. The exciting thing about Carnival Glass is that its look varies in different lighting. Whether you are admiring from outside, through the window or under direct fluorescent, each looks incredibly different as its ridges and shimmers reflect in the light. The shapes are based off of the artists’ preferences, some of them have folded edges, splayed outward and some are just completely random. Estate sales are the perfect spot to find these timeless creations, so come and get here early so you can have all the time in the world to find the exact Carnival Glass that you want! If you want more information on these treasures, check out 

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