A Smooth and Professional Operation!

Four Sales arranged for the pickup and auctioning off of some estate items (antique furniture and related items such as glassware, plates, collectibles from overseas, etc) after my mother passed.
An unexpected passing of my relative created an estate sale need.  I checked some sources and spoke to other providers and settled on Four Sales.   Daniel Sanders, the owner, explained the process to me and sent over an individual to review the estate items prior to engaging any services.  The cost of $500 is for a mover and helpers to come over and pick up the various pieces for sale.  This individual and his helpers were very professional. They even took away some items that were not suitable for sale (non antique chair and some other broken items) since he knew we needed to vacate the location and that these pieces would be difficult to move.   Four Sales receives and auctions the items, holding back 40% in commission which seems to be about standard for these sales.  We received a certified letter with the sales proceeds, net of fee, 3 weeks later.   The entire operation was smooth and professionally managed by Four Sales.   Under the difficult circumstances tied to the passing of someone close, they made what could be a messy and emotional activity relatively painless. 

I would recommend them to anyone interested in similar services.

Robert T. ~
Ashburn, VA (August 2013)
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