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How to Tell if Furniture is Good Quality

DSCN2095Buying furniture can be tricky. On one side of things, you have a budget you need to follow. On the flipside, you want to get the best of the best in terms of quality.

Here is an idea to consider: shop for furniture at local estate sales. This gives you the opportunity to buy high quality pieces at affordable prices.

Of course, there is still one question you need to answer: how can you differentiate between good and bad quality furniture?

Here are some tips for doing so:

1. Solid wood is the way to go. If a piece is solid wood, it is almost always better quality than furniture that is made from wood veneer, plywood, etc. Furthermore, solid wood furniture is easier to restore.

2. Check the joints. With wood furniture, this is one place you can check to get a better idea of the integrity of the construction. Are the joints so tight you have a hard time finding them? Are the joints loose to the point that the furniture is almost pulling apart?

It only takes a few minutes to examine all the joints. Make sure you do so before making a final determination on whether to pass on the item or make a purchase.

3. Check the foam on upholstered furniture. A density rating of 1.8 pounds or higher typically signifies a high quality piece. If possible, unzip seat cushions and take a look inside. Is the foam block wrapped in fiber? It should be. High end upholstered furniture typically includes a protective inner cover as well.

These are the types of things you can focus on if buying high quality furniture is on your mind.

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